How To Treat Vitiligo On Lips

In vitiligo, one of the areas most commonly affected are the lips and the areas around it because the lips are often exposed to sunlight. There is little to worry about, however, as vitiligo on lips can be easily treated either naturally or medically. The most effective method for treating vitiligo on lips is the natural method.

Vitiligo On Lips

Natural method:

This method makes use of a combination of organic products used as a topical solution. It contains herbs, which work together for an effective treatment that could possibly eradicate the white patches and restore the skin’s original coloration after some time.


The herbs contained in this natural organic treatment are:


Coconut oil

This oil can be used as excellent message oil and is the most effective used in curing vitiligo. It works by moisturizing skin of all types. The coconut oil used here is “virgin” – that is, it is directly made from fresh coconuts, which are dried, pressed, settled, and then filtered. No chemicals are used or added in the process of extraction. Virgin coconut oil is said to be more effective than mineral oil. There are no side effects associated with the application of coconut oil. This can be liberally applied on the lips where white patches frequently occur.


Psoralea corylifolia

This is a type of Chinese herb used to cure vitiligo. This is available in tonic form so it is orally taken until the symptoms improve.


Barberry root

This is an Egyptian herbal medicine which is also used to treat vitiligo on lips. Barberry root is more effective when it is mixed with seeds of fennel and it can be used not only to cure vitiligo but also to cure fevers.


Black cumin seeds

Black cumin seeds can be used not only to cure vitiligo on lips but also to cure problems like jaundice, fever, diarrhea, persistent cough, and paralysis. Black cumin seeds can be made into oil and can be applied on the vitiligo-affected areas.


This herbal solution is applied in this process:

  1. Clean the area to be treated.
  2. Apply the solution and massage the area to help absorption.
  3. Leave the solution on for 10 to 12 hours.

Over time, the affected areas would gradually revert to the original skin color. Prevention should also be given attention. This is done by staying away from direct sunlight. The less you are exposed to harsh sunlight, the less chances there will be for vitiligo recurrence. You can also make use of sunscreen lotions for lips, which are different from the lotions used on other parts of the body.


Medical treatment:

Apart from natural treatments, there are many medical treatments also available which should only be carried out under the guidance of skin experts or health professionals only. The most commonly used method is laser therapy. This is also one of the safest treatment methods, even for vitiligo on lips. Laser treatment involves focusing light with particular intensity on the affected area for a certain amount of time. There will be no pain involved in this treatment and treatment is also quick. It is currently performed in many hospitals. The only disadvantage of laser treatment for vitiligo on lips is that it is very expensive.

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