Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment & Advantages

Cosmelan treatment is a very effective treatment for skin disorders where melanin pigmentation becomes defective. Cosmelan helps by eliminating the unsightly uneven patches on the skin which do not match the skin’s original color.

Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment & Advantages

If the patches occur at the time of pregnancy, then the condition is known as chloasma. Addison’s disease is another disorder which significantly changes your skin color. There are a lot of home remedies available for treating defects in skin pigmentation – there’s the lemon juice treatment, those that involve liquid nitrogen, and hydroquinone as well.


In cosmelan repigmentation treatment, a product called mesoestetic mandelic acid peel -30% will be applied before the treatment. This substance particularly targets tough pigmentation. It is based on the mechanism of inhibiting the melanin formation process. The substances which are present in cosmelan will help in blocking the enzymes and will also invert the metabolic process of the transformation chain.




There are many advantages and benefits associated with cosmelan depigmentation treatments. They are:


  1. Very effective in all types of melasma, particularly in deep melasma
  2. It is a safe treatment
  3. Effective pigmentation will be achieved even when other treatment options have failed
  4. It does not have any TCA and hydroquinone content
  5. An easy process of skin depigmenting is involved
  6. Very beneficial for patients with acne
  7. It is compatible with all types of skin
  8. Rejuvenation of skin and a change in skin tone can be observed in only 10 days of treatment
  9. Only a light peeling effect will be experienced


By undergoing cosmelan depigmentation treatment, 95% of the skin will be depigmented after one week, and result will start to become noticeable. The old skin with white patches will be reduced and new, luminous skin will replace it. At the end, there will no longer be any white patches or blemishes seen, and the patient will not even be able to tell where the white patches once were. It could be possible that the patches may not be visible after the entire cosmelan depigmentation treatment.


The cosmelan depigmentation treatment works for conditions like


  1. melasma
  2. hyperpigmentation after laser and peel treatments
  3. brown spots
  4. postinflammatory hyperpigmentation of acne and dermatitis
  5. blotchy skin


Care must be taken, especially if the person is undergoing any other treatment like glycolic acid treatment. It should be stopped at least one week before starting coumelan depigmentation. Similarly, if the person has any active infections such as warts or herpes simplex, then this treatment must be avoided to prevent complications. Do not expose yourself to the sun excessively once you start treatment. If you have had any recent chemotherapy treatment, have undergone any type of facial surgery, have any autoimmune disease, or are pregnant or lactating, then you should defer the use of this treatment.


Treatment with cosmelan depigmentation should be carried out according to the instructions which are mentioned or suggested by the doctor. There must not be any interruption in the conduct of the treatment as it has to be finished all the way through. Always go through a regular checkup with your doctor, preferably 8 days after the initial treatment, followed by 15 days after the subsequent appointment, and so on.

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