Vitiligo Support Around The World

Vitiligo is a disorder that is affecting more and more people all over the world. People affected by vitiligo, although they do not actually suffer from the symptoms of vitiligo per se, are greatly affected by the social implications that this condition brings with it. Because of the unsightly skin appearance caused by this disease, patients become socially withdrawn and usually avoid leaving their homes.

Vitiligo Support Around The World

Vitiligo is characterized by the presence of white patches on the skin all over the body. In some persons, they will be found on the legs and hands, and thus they can be covered by wearing clothing that can hide the patches. However, in some cases, these patches will also be found in the facial regions, which cause in the patients a lot of distress. To help these affected people, there are several vitiligo support teams all over the world. These support organizations help the people learn more about vitiligo and keep them informed of the best treatments available. They also help in sourcing support from other people who are also affected by vitiligo. Some of the well-known vitiligo support groups from around the world include the following:

  • Vitiligo Support International
  • National Vitiligo Foundation
  • The American Vitiligo Research Foundation, Inc.
  • The Vitiligo Society
  • Vitiligo Turk
  • Turning White Foundation

Vitiligo Support International:

They are the largest vitiligo support organization in the world. This is the nonprofit organization that provides free access to the online message boards, chat rooms, FAQs, articles, and other information about the disorder. This also provides access to patient-referred doctor searches. This organization also has local support groups and conducts patient conferences on behalf of the patients.

National Vitiligo Foundation:

This organization is mainly focused on supporting the medical and basic science research for vitiligo. They help the patients in finding the best treatments to cure vitiligo effectively. They also build public awareness about this disease worldwide. Moreover, they are also involved in creating social networks for patients and their friends and families.

The American Vitiligo Research Foundation, Inc.:

This is the nonprofit, tax-exempt charity trust that mainly focuses on the public awareness of vitiligo. They mainly focus on the people affected by vitiligo, especially children and their families. They help in finding other treatments for vitiligo through animal research.

The Vitiligo Society:

The Vitiligo Society is a registered charity. This is the only vitiligo support that provides the necessary support to the people affected by vitiligo and their families in and around the UK and the Republic of Ireland. They also provide support to people affected by vitiligo all over the world and provide the necessary information regarding the health professionals involved with vitiligo, plus all the available treatments for the condition.

Vitiligo TURK:

Vitiligo TURK is the only vitiligo support organization in and around the Turkish Republic.

The Turning White Foundation:

This is another charity and support organization for vitiligo, and was founded by the broadcaster Lee Thomas. This organization provides a support group for vitiligo sufferers all over the world.

All these vitiligo support groups are just a click away on the Web. If you or anyone you know would like to benefit from these groups, all you need to do is contact them.

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