White Blotches On Skin- Causes And Treatment?

Fungal skin infections may lead to small patches on the skin, which would consequently produce white blotches on the skin. The white blotches are more common in people who are between the ages of 10 and 30.

White Blotches On Skin

What causes white blotches on skin?

The fungus responsible for causing these blotches will affect only the healthy skin. Vitiligo is the medical term for the appearance of these white blotches on the skin. It may be that the cells’ melanin has been destroyed. This can also be caused by some environmental factors or may be genetic in origin. The loss of color may also occur because of a deficiency in the immune system.

It is also possibly caused by the skin becoming exposed to sunlight, and the most commonly affected areas are the face, hands, legs, lips, mouth, and arms. In some people, these white blotches spread slowly over many years; in others, they may spread rapidly. In addition, stress is a contributing factor for the appearance of these white blotches on the skin. It is also common in people who are suffering from autoimmune disorders such as heart disease, diabetes, and a lot more. People who are fond of going to tanning salons will be more prone to these white blotches. Those who use oral contraceptives will also observe slight changes on their skin tone.  People with this condition become more sensitive to light. These white blotches are more common in children than in adults.

How is this condition treated?

Many people try to make use of topical creams, applying them on the white blotches. They might seem to clear up, but after a few days, these blotches would return, proving that the topical creams are not that useful after all.

Thus, instead of using topical creams, another treatment is available which can be used. One of the commonly used methods is artificial phototherapy, which involves exposing light to the affected area so that the skin will be repigmented. Apart from that, in order to control the spread of the white blotches, another treatment is carried out, known as the laser treatment. In this type of laser treatment, light of a particular intensity will be focused on the white blotches so that the skin will be repigmented. There is nothing to worry about this treatment, as it is one of the safest and most effective treatments available. In fact, many hospitals currently make use of this regimen for the treatment of white blotches. Its only disadvantage is that it can be extremely expensive.

Transplantation can also be done; this method involves transplanting the cells from some other body part to the affected area on the skin. By doing so, the skin will start to repigment the cells, thereby restoring coloration to the white blotches.

If the patient opts for a noninvasive solution, he or she can always resort to makeup to camouflage the white blotches. A variety of cosmetics is now available in the market, and it has become easier to look for foundations that closely resemble the color of your skin.

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