Frequently Asked Questions

Below are 100 frequently asked questions that are commonly asked by people suffering from Vitiligo or people who just have the symptoms of vitiligo. These questions are already answered and we hope this will clear up all your doubts regarding Vitiligo. If you still have other questions, you can ask it to us. We’ll answer you and add the question here for other users.

1. What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a type of skin disorder in which the affected skin will look like white patches. The white patches on the skin are because of the weakening or because of the destruction of the pigment cells in those particular areas. This is believed as an auto immune disorder by many of the doctors but there are no proofs for it to be an auto immune disorder. Vitiligo is caused because of the change in the color of the skin while other areas remain in the same color which is because of the melanin pigment. If this melanin pigment does not work out properly then it will result in Vitiligo.

2. What does Vitiligo look like?

Vitiligo look like a white patch on the skin and the white patches varies from light tan to the complete absence of the pigment. People are prone to this Vitiligo more commonly in the area which is below the elbow and this is not completely understood by anyone on why it is occurring. Vitiligo is of two types which is segmental Vitiligo and non segmental Vitiligo. Many people develop segmental Vitiligo in which the white patches develop only in one side of the body that is in one area alone.

3. What is an auto immune disorder?

Auto immune disorder is a condition in which the immune system of the person reacts against their body tissues and organs. It is also a condition in which the immune system of the body produces antibodies. But it is not the immune deficiency but in case of Vitiligo this immune system sees the pigment cells as a foreign body and because of that it attacks them. Some of the examples of auto immune disorder are thyroid disorders, alopecia areata, lupus, and pernicious anemia.

4. What is melanin?

Melanin is a pigment of skin as well as hairs which will be present in human begins as well as animals. They will be dark brown in color. These melanin pigments are synthesized by the melanocytes which are the special cells and also help in storing the melanin pigments. Melanin pigments are the pigments which gives color to the skin as well the hair for human beings as well as for animals. These melanin pigments are derived from the amino acids tyrosine. When these melanin pigments fail to work properly then it will result in the condition of Vitiligo.

5. What are the symptoms of Vitiligo?

One of the common symptoms of Vitiligo is that the skin will have white patches in the affected areas. If there is any de pigmentation occurring then, itching will be experienced in that particular area. The white patches will be common in areas like hands, legs, lips, mouth and arms as they are exposed to sunlight for more time. Some other less commonly affected areas are armpit, groin, eyes, nostrils, navel and genitals. In focal pattern this white patches will be seen only in some few areas and in segmental pattern this white patches will be seen in one side of the body and in bilateral pattern this white patches will be seen different parts of the body. Some time there will be growth of white hair near eye brows, scalp, and eye lashes experienced.

6. I have Vitiligo patches on my under arm, my feet and my genitals. Is this common?

Vitiligo is common skin disorder and those areas are also common and there is nothing to worry about it. But the cause for this occurrence is only unknown for many researchers. Some of the common areas where the white patches occur are face, hands, under arms, wrists, feet, fingers, genitals, and elbows. Some other areas are mouth, arms, hands, and legs. The occurrence of the white patches in these common areas is because of the nerve endings in that particular area and also because of the bony nature and because of the sweat glands.

7. How does Vitiligo develop?

The pigment loss differs a lot from one person to another person and in many conditions Vitiligo develops in one small area but later if left untreated will start to spread to other areas of the body and also the white patches which are already present will start to grow in a larger size. There are conditions of the Vitiligo to also stay in the same area for about many years and this is because happening whenever a de pigmentation happens in that particular area. There are also chances for Vitiligo to re pigment by themselves without treatment also but only in some rare cases.

8. Will the Vitiligo patches spread over time? Will they get larger?

Yes this will happen in many cases. Vitiligo starts to spread to other parts of the body in a very slow manner but there are no ways to say that the Vitiligo in your body will spread or not. It varies from one person to the other depending on the de pigmentation rate. This Vitiligo can develop and stay in the body for more than many years and also there are some people who might experience new white patches developing after some years. So, to avoid these problems it is better to undergo treatment with the new technologies which are available in many of the hospitals.

9. What is segmental Vitiligo?

Segmental Vitiligo is a type of Vitiligo in which the white patches will develop only in some few areas or in one part of the body. There are many people experiencing this segmental Vitiligo with a combination of generalized Vitiligo. This is known as segmental Vitiligo. Segmental Vitiligo will also start to spread to other parts of the body if left as such without treating it. So, better carry over some treatment in order to avoid the problems which are related to it.

10. What is generalized Vitiligo?

Generalized Vitiligo is the type of Vitiligo in which the Vitiligo will develop in a generalized way. In most of the cases it will be appearing as bilateral characteristics which mean that if you get a white patch in one elbow then you will automatically get white patches in other elbow too. This is known as generalized Vitiligo. You should also treat this type of Vitiligo to get rid of the problems which are associated with it.

11. is Vitiligo at all contagious?

Vitiligo is not at all contagious and there is nothing to worry about this problem as it can be cured with the right treatment. It is just a condition which is caused either because of genetic factor. It appears in different conditions for different people and will not remain the same in all the people. It is also a condition which can be caused because of the environmental factors which is mostly unknown for many of the researchers and many people too.

12. Where does the word Vitiligo come from?

The word Vitiligo comes from Latin in which the first of the word which is “viti” comes from Latin as vitium and is known as mark or blemish. The second part of the word which is “ligo” is also a Latin word which is used generally as an ending meaning to either bind or cause. It is believed that the word has been derived from Latin and no one is sure about it.

13. What causes Vitiligo?

The exact cause for the problem of Vitiligo is not known to any of the people or to any of the researchers. Vitiligo may be a cause from many factors like auto immune disorder, oxidative stress, neurotrophic and because of the absence of the melanin pigment. Many people think that Vitiligo is a skin disorder which is occurring because of auto immune disorder and is also believed that is transferred genetically. Vitiligo is also caused when the skin are exposed to more amount of sun light and starts to spread because of that. There are also believes that internal pathogens like digestive tract, might be a problem which relate to Vitiligo.

14. What is oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress is one of the sources for the Vitiligo to happen or to occur in any one. Oxidative stress is nothing but the over accumulation of the hydrogen peroxide in the skin. Each and every person will have this hydrogen peroxide in the skin and an enzyme which is known as catalase helps in breaking down this hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen in the skin. People who find problem in manufacturing this enzyme which is the catalase will develop with the problem of Vitiligo.

15. Is it true that genetics play a part in Vitiligo?

Many of the experts as well as researchers believe that genetic factor is also another cause for Vitiligo and about 12 % of the families are affected to this problem of Vitiligo. That is if any one member in a family has this problem of Vitiligo then some other person in that same family and also with the same gene have more chances for getting affected to Vitiligo. Apart from this more development of Vitiligo is seen with a combination of genes. There are many researches being done in order to know the exact relation between the gene and the problem of Vitiligo.

16. What is genetic susceptibility?

It is nothing but the susceptibility or a prediction that Vitiligo might be because of genetic factor. There are people who are affected to Vitiligo for about 20 % with other family members also affected to it. And there are also people who are affected to Vitiligo for about 80 % with no report on other family members. It is not that everyone who is susceptible to Vitiligo will develop it. There are also people who do not develop with it even after suspecting them. Some other factor other than this genetic to cause Vitiligo is environmental factor.

17. Is it true that exposure to certain chemicals can cause Vitiligo?

Vitiligo can be triggered when you are exposed to some type of chemicals that too particularly photography chemicals like phenols and lot more. These phenols chemicals can be found in products like hair colorings, house hold strains and also in some similar products. So eliminating the usage of these products keeps you away from the problem of Vitiligo and also avoids using them. There are also some other chemical substance which trigger Vitiligo. Identify them and stay away from them in order to get rid of Vitiligo.

18. Are there things that a person with Vitiligo should avoid?

Yes there are some things which should be avoided by a person who are affected to Vitiligo. Certain things should be avoided because if you continue with doing those things then the effect of Vitiligo will become worse and the common things which are to be avoided by the Vitiligo person are

  • Swimming pools with chlorine water
  • Sunburns without sun protection
  • Emotional disorders which are generated in a pregnancy of an inexpert person
  • Discussion between partners regarding the topics like love, loyalty, about their children’s and others

19. Are there any other symptoms? Will Vitiligo lead to any other conditions or disease?

There are no other symptoms which are related to Vitiligo other than the white patches appearance on the skin. If you are affected to Vitiligo then use sun creams more frequently in order to stay away from the sun burns which are caused because of Vitiligo. Many people think that Vitiligo can lead to other condition and will have effect on eye color and also on the retina. But experts say that there will be no impact of Vitiligo on the eye and if some are happening then it will be in some rare cases only.

20. Are there other conditions related to Vitiligo?

Generally Vitiligo will not lead to any other conditions but in some cases there are some auto immune disorders related to it. And this might also arise to some genetic disorders. People with Vitiligo will also be common with the problem of thyroid disorder and some auto immune disorders are alopecia areata, pernicious anemia, lupus and diabetes. There is nothing to worry about these problems because it might or may not occur as they are not that much common. But many people with Vitiligo will not be leaded to any other conditions or any other auto immune disorders.

21. How is thyroid function related to Vitiligo?

Thyroid disorders are common in each and every one in the planet and this thyroid gland is a small butterfly like shaped organ present below the Adam’s apple. It is very helpful in controlling the body metabolism and tells the body how fast to work and also how to use the energy. This work is done by the thyroid hormones chemicals which travel to each and every part of the body by means of blood. Vitiligo is a disorder which is related to the numerous functions of the body and if thyroid functioning is done properly then it will be helpful in treating the Vitiligo.

22. What is alopecia areata?

Alopecia areata is a condition which will lead to the loss of hair on scalp and on the eye brows and some other related areas. It is common to both males and females of all ages and starts as a small patches and is more common to children’s. The affected hair will stop its growth and will also stop its production in a gradual manner which might result in no hair after some months and after some years. It is not similar to the one in which male experience the baldness it is something else different form baldness.

23. Are there treatments which I should not use if I’m pregnant?

There are some medications which should not be used by you if you are pregnant. This is because the effect of the medications might pass through the placenta and also to the fetus. Also there should not be any exposure to the ultra violet rays as there are also some risks associated with it. So, it is well and good to consult a doctor before taking the medications in order to know whether you can take the medications regarding to the problem of Vitiligo and also to know the risks which are associated to it.

24. If I’m pregnant and have Vitiligo, will my child develop Vitiligo?

People with Vitiligo will not have any other relatives with the same Vitiligo problem. But in case of parents, children’s of the same gene there are more chances for them to develop with the effect of Vitiligo. That is if you have Vitiligo then your baby will also have more chances to develop it because of the genetic factor. In simple your child will definitely be affected to Vitiligo if you are having it at the time of your pregnancy.

25. Am I at greater risk for skin cancer because of my Vitiligo?

There are no risk of skin cancer because of Vitiligo says pearl grimes who is a leading expert on Vitiligo. He says that there is no risk of skin cancer which might be developed because of Vitiligo. Some other medical professionals believe that there are no risks because of the melanomas and in some rare cases there might be risk in case of the carcinomas. But this skin cancer might develop if the Vitiligo is treated with narrow band UVB and also with ultra violet radiation.

26. Who is affected to Vitiligo?

About 1 % of the people in the world are affected to this Vitiligo and is mainly because of the genetically and the environmental factors which is believed in many countries. People who have Vitiligo will develop it before their age of 40 and is more common to be affected at the age between 10 and 30. It is common to both male and female and is most common to children’s. Also it will be affected to people who are having auto immune disorders like thyroid problem, diabetes and lot more.

27. How long has Vitiligo existed?

Vitiligo might have existed before the recorded human history of man and women. This is because the same conditions are seen in many of the animals which have survived from those years till now. Also the effect of Vitiligo and its reference has been mentioned in the bible as well as in the ancient Chinese and also in the Greek writing, from these it can be said that it has been existing before the recorded human history.

28. How is Vitiligo diagnosed?

The doctor will generally ask questions about the medical history of the particular person who has been affected to the Vitiligo and also will enquire about the medical history of their family. Also will ask questions about any other skin disorders which has occurred before 2 to 3 months. They will also come to know about the auto immune disorder in the patient’s family. Later the doctor will take a sample of the affected skin and also will check the blood count and will look for the thyroid function. Also the affected skin will be examined under a special black light which is known as woods light will be done. In these ways the effect of Vitiligo will be diagnosed.

29. I was told Vitiligo could not be treated. Is that correct?

It is not that Vitiligo cannot be treated. It is that it is very much difficult to treat. In the past years there has been many new technologies developed with new treatment methods which are seem to be working better for the effect of Vitiligo. The treatment varies from one person to other depending on the type of Vitiligo and also the result might vary from one person to the other. The treatment might last up to 6 months to 2 years also. Don’t get worried as you don’t get any result with any one treatment then try for another treatment as there are many available and something will click for you and will work at the best.

30. What treatment options are available?

There are many treatments available for curing the effect of Vitiligo on the skin. Already treatments like PUVA and steroid creams were available and in addition to these treatments many new treatments has also been introduced for the problem of Vitiligo like narrow band UVB, pseudocatalse cream, excimer lasers, skin grafting and pigment transplantation. There are also topical psoralens available. Any one treatment only works best for one persone. That treatment should be identified and should be continued with that. Nothing else should be tried. Some might get immediate cure and some might get delayed depending on the type of Vitiligo that has affected their skin.

31. How long does it take to treat a Vitiligo? When should I expect results?

The result to the treatment of Vitiligo varies from one person to another. There are some people who will find result within 3 to 6 months but there are also some people who can find the result to more than 8 months to a year. There are also some people who are finding re pigmentation in their skin within 4 to 6 weeks. People should wait for 3 to 6 months if they are taking a treatment and if it does not get alright then further step can be taken and also to see a good result you should continue with the treatment for over 2 years. Don’t quit with any treatment since because there was no development. It might work a little later for you and so continue with it.

32. What is PUVA?

PUVA is a treatment which is carried over in order to treat Vitiligo and it is one of the oldest methods of treatment. People who are having more Vitiligo effect are treated with oral PUVA. This treatment should not be given for the children’s who are under the age of 10 because the eye and the cataracts can be damaged. Oral PUVA should be taken for the patients only with the prescribed dosage and the dosage should not be increased. During this treatment the skin should not be exposed to the sun light and also sun glasses should be used in order to protect the eyes.

33. What is PUVA – SOL?

Patients who are not able to go for the facility of PUVA for the treatment then they might be advised to ahead for the psoralen which can be used with the natural sun light. This treatment can be carried out at home itself by the patients. But the patient should carry over the instructions which are said by the doctor in order to get the best result. Also there should be regular visit to the doctor to monitor the status of your condition during this treatment.

34. What is topical steroid cream or ointment?

There are many steroid creams which are available in the brand name like Elocon, Clobetasol, Cyclocort, Descort, Ultravet, Pramasone and Tridesilon. Steroid creams are very much useful in re pigmenting the skin and so many doctors recommend using it. For childrens and for adults corticosteroid creams will be prescribed because they produce hormones which are similar to the adrenal glands. This cream should be applied to the affected skin where there are white patches seen and it should be continued for about 3 months. Regular checkups should be done where the doctor will look for the skin thinning as these creams might make the skin thin.

35. What is a steroid?

Steroid is nothing but a word in Greek which means hormone. Steroids are the hormones which might occur in the body naturally and some are cortisol, sex hormone, bile acids, anabolic steroids, and Glutico. The hormone of cortisol is common and is essential for all life while anabolic steroids are illegal. Synthetic steroids can be used if they are prescribed and if they are used correctly according to the instructions then the problem will be cured and also the side effects which are related to it will be reduced. But if the safe guards are not followed then it might result in some other serious health issues.

36. What is topical psoralen therapy?

People who are with small number of white patches in their skin are often treated with this topical psoralen photo chemotherapy. This treatment can also be used to children’s who are above the age of 2 and more. This treatment will be done under the guidance of the doctor with a UVA light source in order to de pigment the patches that are present on the skin. Before the exposure to the light psoralen will be applied to the patient with a thin coat by a nurse and later the light of UVA will be exposed. After some weeks this dosage of the UVA lights will be increased for a faster reaction. This helps the white patches to become pink later to become normal skin.

37. What is narrow band UVB?

This is a new technology which has been introduced to treat the effect of Vitiligo. In this treatment there will be fewer risks experienced and there won’t be any severe burning or any other harmful things happening to the skin. Also there won’t be any side effects associated with it as there are no needs of medications to be taken in this method. There are many benefits associated with this treatment and because of that it has become more popular among the people and many are coming forward to carry over this treatment. This treatment can also be done in home but there should be regular check up to the hospital.

38. What is protopic?

Protopic is a type of medication which is prescribed by almost all the doctors in order to cure the Vitiligo problem. Protopic is a ointment which works by re pigmenting the skin when it is applied to the affected areas. It can also be used for the problem of moderate dermatitis. This product is available in both 0.03 % strength and also in 0.1 % strength. Any one should be used according to the prescription which was given by the doctor. Before using the product, its risks and side effects should be discussed with doctor in order to know everything about protopic.

39. What are Elidel, Aldara, and Imiquimod?

Elidel, Aldara and Imiquimod are some of the products which are similar to that of the protopic and also products of immune modulators. Elidel is a product which comes in cream form and is much similar to that of protopic. There has been mentioning about the side effect of developing skin cancer by the usage of these products. But there are no proofs till now. Despite this many doctors recommend their patient to use these products.

40. What is pseudo catalase?

It is a cream which is recommended for the problem of Vitiligo and this cream should be applied to the affected areas twice a day. These creams also help in reducing the level of the hydrogen peroxide which is found to be high in the skin of Vitiligo. This pseudo catalase is a cream which can also be done in combination with narrow band UVB for better results. The cream with the application makes the skin to become more sensitive to sun. This can be used but there are no proofs for its effectiveness till now.

41. What is Ratokderm?

It is a laser technology which has been introduced for treating Vitiligo. This treatment is available only in Italy. This laser technology uses the narrow band UVB light in order to focus it to the affected areas to get the de pigmented skin again. This treatment makes the patient to give up with the drugs as well it will allow a point to point treatment will be given. There won’t be any dangerous exposure of the UVB light to the skin and so there is nothing to worry about the treatment. This is a treatment which is almost similar to that of the American excimer laser technology.

42. What is an Excimer laser?

Excimer laser is a technology which is used to treat Vitiligo and is concentrated with high beam UVB light. The UVB light will be focused to the affected areas on the skin with a high concentration so that the skin around the affected areas should not be affected. There are no medications needed for this treatment which is one of the best advantages in this treatment. Also there are no side effects associated with this. But the only disadvantage of this treatment is that it is more expensive and people who are at moderate range cannot afford to this treatment. This cannot be covered by health insurance too.

43. What is V – Tar?

V – Tar is a product which is a 30 % standardized water soluble coat. It also contains anti inflammatory agents and also acts as a skin conditioner as well as antioxidants. This product can be used by the patient who are affected to the effect of Vitiligo and also by other hypo pigment disorders. This should be applied to the affected skin where the skins are found to be having white patches. This should be applied once in a week and can be bought only if it is prescribed by the doctors. There is nothing to worry about this application as it will not stain the skin.

44. What is skin grafting?

People who have small patches of Vitiligo will be given the treatment of skin grafting in which the skin not affected and is normal will be taken by the doctor and later it will be grafted in the affected area. This is an autologous process in skin grafting. There are many complications in this autologous skin grafting which are infections might occur either at the donor or at the recipient site. The recipient and the donor will have some uneven appearance and also might develop with scarring. Sometime this process might also fail to re pigment the skin. The disadvantage of this treatment is that it takes a lot of time to recover and is also expensive and better results will be achieved for only some people.

45. What is autologous melanocyte transplant?

It is nothing but the doctor will take a sample of the pigmented skin from the patient and will keep in it a cell in their laboratory. The cell dish will have a solution which will make the melanocytes in that sample to grow. This will then get multiplied. After the multiplication process the doctor uses it to transplant to the patient’s body where there are de pigmented skin. This will then make the skin to pigment but this treatment is still in experimental stages only.

46. What is melagenina?

Melagenina which is known as melagenina plus was first developed in Cuba by using the human placental tissue. Later it was also manufactured from animal placental tissues. They manufacture it for a high rate but there are no results and outcome by the usage of this product. And many people also claim that there are no results. If you are using this product then the application should be done several times a day and also there must be 15 minutes exposure to the natural sun light. The calcium chloride which is present in the product helps to re pigment the skin.

47. What are novitil / sinvitil / dermabest?

Novitil is a product which is used to treat Vitiligo and is used by many of the people. It has vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants. Sinvitil is also another type of product which gives best result in re pigmenting the affected skin. Sinvitil is a type of gel which contains proteolipids in them and with the application if this gel the pigmentation process will be stimulated and as a result the affected skin will become as a normal skin after the pigmentation process.

48. What is de pigmentation?

De pigmentation is a process which is done in order to fade the rest of the normal skin to match the skins which are affected by Vitiligo. People who have the Vitiligo effect in their body for about 50 % then de pigmentation are the best treatment which can be carried over for them. In this process people should apply the monobenzylether drug twice a day and it should be continued till the pigmented areas match to the de pigmented areas. During this treatment direct skin to skin contact must be avoided. Also the application must be left as such for 2 hours after the application.

49. How do I find a doctor that treats Vitiligo?

The best to know a doctor treating for Vitiligo is by asking to your friends or to your family members so that they can suggest their family doctors. To can live in a place where there are no doctors for treating Vitiligo but you should take necessary steps to reach or consult a doctor in the place where they are. Also you can go to the site of to know some doctors and also to know the information about them. There are also many universities and colleges with best dermatologists who can also be consulted.

50. Are there parts of the body that are harder to treat than other parts?

Yes, there are some parts of the body which will be very harder to treat. Some areas are hands, legs, and some other areas in which the hair which are present has turned white will be very harder to treat. But there is nothing to worry about it as many new technologies has come up and with the usage of those technologies these areas can also be easily re pigmented and will be turned to normal skin. There won’t be more work and dedication needed in these new technologies.

51. Can tanning beds be used in the place of PUVA or narrow band UVB?

Tanning beds are not being placed in the place of PUVA or narrow band UVB and it should also not to be placed in natural sun light. It is also recommended by many of the health experts that it should not be placed. This is because the lamps in the tanning beds device will emit stronger and broader spectrum of UV rays. This will not be safe and also effective for the people who are treating for the problem of Vitiligo.

52. Can the genitals be treated?

There are about 20 to 40 % of the people experiencing the Vitiligo on the genital area and the common question among them is whether it can be treated or not. People are not needed to worry about this as Vitiligo on the genital area can be treated with some steroid cream or with PUVA treatment. These treatments can be done commonly for both male and female. Even topical psoralen can be used to treat. Also Excimer laser, exposure of limited UV rays, pigment transplantation and protopic can be done for treating Vitiligo in the genital area.

53. Is it safe to use all treatments on the face and around the eyes?

It is better to discuss this with your doctor and get clarified from your doubts. The biggest risk which is associated to eye is while doing the UV treatment and because of this while doing this treatments the patients eye will be closed with goggles. Also patients will b advised to close their eyes for some period of time even after completing the treatment in order to get rid of the risk which are associated with it.

54. Once a spot re pigment is it permanent? Will I have to treat my Vitiligo forever?

It depends on the people. Some people might see a permanent result after re pigmenting their spot and some people might get some other new white spots on their skin. But as per results many people find to get another pigment loss in the area where they have taken treatment and it seem to occur again after some months. This is because the treatments are concentrated only in curing the spots but not the source of the Vitiligo. So, after the treatment perfect maintenance should be done in order to get rid of the problem.

55. Why bother treating at all if performance of re pigmentation is not guaranteed?

One of the common thought with the people who are having Vitiligo is that why we should waste money in treating Vitiligo even though after knowing that it is not guaranteed with the result. But it is necessary to treat it because if left untreated the white patches will start to spread to other parts in the body and so taking treatment after that will make longer time to come up with the result. So in order to avoid all these problems it is better to treat Vitiligo in their initial stage itself.

56. What if my health insurance won’t cover my Vitiligo treatment?

There is much health insurance which will only try to reject the treatments which are carried over for Vitiligo. This is because the health insurance claims it as a cosmetic. But to make the health insurance to accept then you must take a letter which must be written by a doctor to the insurance company. The letter should have the content of the risks and the psychological effects which are caused by Vitiligo. This letter will be enough but there is an approval from the health insurance then it will be better too. There will be many phone calls done to you in order to clarify with the evidences and later it will be approved for the treatment.

57. What research is being done on Vitiligo?

There are many researches being done in many of the areas of Vitiligo now a day when compared earlier. Many researches have been done starting from the genetic factor to the auto immune disorders and also to the structure of the skin. Also, better understandings are being made about the immune system in this research. There are also many studies going on to know more information about the causes of Vitiligo and also how to treat it effectively.

58. Will they ever find a treatment or a cure that work well for everyone?

There are different treatments carried over for different people because the cause of the Vitiligo varies from one person to another and so the treatment also varies according to it. If any one of the treatments are not working then patients should come forward to carry over other treatments in order to get rid of the problem of Vitiligo. Almost all the treatments and therapies which are done for curing the Vitiligo are effective in treating them and the only thing is one treatment might not work well for a person which does not mean all other treatments also won’t work. There will some treatment working at the best for you.

59. Are there cosmetics available for covering Vitiligo spots?

Yes there are many cosmetics products available to cover the spots which are caused because of Vitiligo. The commonly used cosmetic is the water proof make up. This water proof make will be applied only to the spots and after the application the affected areas will be seem to be equal to the normal skin tone. This water proof make up is available for every type of skin tone from fair to dark black. There are also products available which are of both water proof and also friction proof. People also use sun glass tanner products which must be applied to the white patches only in order to get a great relief.

60. Is it true that I can make my own safe skin colored stain to cover the spots?

Yes it is definitely safe as many people have tried doing their own home made skin stain in order to color it to the skins which are affected by Vitiligo. The home made skin stain should be completely out of rubbing alcohol and ordinary food coloring. When the ingredients are mixed together it will result in a brown color mixture which will be same to the tone of the normal skin and so it can be applied to the skin where there are pigment loss seen.

61. Is it safe for someone with Vitiligo to use hair dyes or bleaches?

Hair colorings and bleaches should be avoided to be used by the people who are having the effect of Vitiligo in their skin. This is because the chemical which is known as phenols present in this hair dyes and bleaches will make the effect of Vitiligo to spread. Apart from this hair dyes which do not have any chemicals are safe to be used and it is well and good to consult a doctor whether you can use it or not and get cleared from your doubts.

62. Should I use sun screen?

People who are having Vitiligo can use sun screen if they are about to be exposed to sun light for more amount of time. This is because it helps in keeping the affected skin from severe burning and also makes the normal skin without tanning which also helps in avoiding the contrast between the skins. Also there are sun screen lotions which are available for curing the effect of Vitiligo. This can also be used only after the consultation with the doctor has been made.

63. What about sun protective clothing?

Apart from using sun screens, use clothes which prevents you from the exposure of the sun light. Also it is the easiest way and the safest way to protect the skin from the sun without any chemicals and so this method has become very popular. The clothes should be of UPF and not of SPF because UPF protects form both UVB and UVA rays. Sun protective clothing is found for all male, females and also for children’s and there are also hats available. Swim wear clothing are also available.

64. How do I deal with the emotional issues of Vitiligo?

The effect of Vitiligo can cause changes in the person life both emotionally and psychologically. People will find difficulty to face their profession and also the society. People will experience emotional stress when the Vitiligo develops on the visible parts of the body like face, hands, lips, and legs. There are also people who feel embarrassed, depressed and ashamed because of the appearance of the Vitiligo. To cope up with Vitiligo first thing which should be done is to consult a doctor and doctors should speak in a way which gives relief to the patient. Second thing is that the person with Vitiligo should speak to some other person who might help them. These are some ways in which Vitiligo can be coping up.

65. People stare at my spots. I am embarrassed by my Vitiligo. Is there anything I can do?

First of all avoid the thought of Vitiligo to be unusual. Also clearly explain the condition to children’s and kids who don’t know anything about that. Also explain the condition to adults also that it is not a contagious disease and it will not hurt in any way and also it can be cured. Also say that it is a genetic factor. Also don’t avoid the normal activities which are done by you and keep yourself engaged in everything. Also do not avoid social parties and society. These are things which are to be done and don’t ever feel embarrassed because of your problem.

66. How do I explain Vitiligo to people? Should I even bother?

It is better to be honest about the problem and explain everything to the people who don’t know what Vitiligo is. Explain them by saying it as a genetic factor and are because of the loss of the pigment.  Explain them that it is common and is not contagious. After saying everything explains them about the treatment options which are available so that the problem of Vitiligo can be cured and nothing is there to worry about it. Explain in such a way that everyone should think it as a common disorder.

67. I have a child with Vitiligo, what should I do?

With the parents support children’s can be coped up with Vitiligo at their best. The things which are to be done by the parents are they should talk nicely to their children and then should explain the condition of their children to their teachers as well as to their friends so that the child can come up in school as usual without any difference. Make sure that your child is not being teased by anyone. Make your child to be engaged in all social activities by giving a moral support. Keep on saying them that there is nothing wrong in them. These are the ways in which you can make your child to cope up with Vitiligo.

68. I’m afraid I might lose my job because of Vitiligo. What should I do?

Many people who are in America have been fired from their job because of the medical illness like Vitiligo. If you are one among those people who have been discriminated or fired from your work because of the problem of Vitiligo then consult a attorney specializing labor and also the employment law in order to get the judgment if you are fired from your job.

69. I’m afraid my spouse or significant other won’t be attracted to me because of my Vitiligo. What should I do?

If you are affected to Vitiligo then the first problem which you might face is on the relationship. Relationship might break up because of the cause of Vitiligo. People with Vitiligo will always be avoided and will not be attracted to any of their spouse or to their partner. But there are partner saying that Vitiligo is not at all a problem for me and it does not bother me. If you are afraid then feel free to talk with your spouse or to your partner about your problem. Other things which can be done are you can work out more on your hair, teeth and lot more to stay attractive to others.

70. I feel self conscious and uncomfortable at places like the beach or swimming pools. What can I do?

Don’t ever feel uncomfortable because of your problem of Vitiligo and don’t make yourself discouraged. Also because of your Vitiligo don’t avoid your activities like going to beach and swimming pools. Enjoy yourself as you do before. Avoid going to beach at the time of sun being hotter that is during afternoon because it might make the effect of Vitiligo worse or else you can make use of a sun screen or a sun protective clothing at that time and also you should be ready to explain your condition if someone asks about it.

71. How do I find a good counselor or a psychotherapist to help me with the emotional issues?

You can find a good counselor for the problem of Vitiligo by asking it to your friends or to your family members. Also you should find therapists who are having experience in treating Vitiligo for many years. This is because these types of therapist will be more expert in dealing with the problem of Vitiligo easily both as inwardly and also as socially. They also help you to maintain your self esteem and pride and will teach you how to cope up with it.

72. What determines the skin color?

Melanin is the pigment which determines the color to the skin and these pigments are produced in cells which are called as melanocytes. If the melanocytes does not function well that is if gets decreased then the skin color will become lighter and will form patches on the skin which will look like white patches. These white patches are known as leukoderma and this might cause severe burning to the skin when exposed to the sun light. One of the forms of leukoderma is the Vitiligo.

73. Who are the good candidates for re pigmentation treatment?

Almost all the patients can undergo the treatment for re pigmenting the skin. There are some criteria’s which are required if you are going to carry over with this re pigmentation process which are patients should be having the loss of pigment problem for at least more than 5 years and this treatment should be carried over to the patients who are above the age of 20. Patients should be very healthy and should not be sensitive or allergic to sun light. Women’s who are pregnant are not to be treated with this method.

74. What is the future for Vitiligo?

The effect of Vitiligo has increased in many of the people from the past 10 years. You can stop its effect by some application of steroid ointments and also by transplanting. But these things should be done under the guidance of the doctor and should not be done by your own. Also re pigmentation process can be done in which the doctors takes a sample of the pigment area and will multiply it in order to re pigment it in the affected skin. These are the promising treatments which can be carried over for Vitiligo.

75. How many people are affected?

About 1 % of the world population is affected to this problem of Vitiligo and is common to both male and female. It is also common for children’s and kids too. This problem will be identified easily in persons who are having darker skin when compared to the one who are having fair skin. One third of the populations are affected to it because of the hereditary. It is common and starts from the hand and will start to spread to other parts of the body if left untreated. It will start to develop before the age of 20 and is common at the age between 10 and 30.

76. Is Vitiligo a spiritual thing, attack, curse or burn that refuses to darken?

Vitiligo is a type of skin disorder which is similar to that of Eczema, acne and skin cancer. This is a disorder which is common to both men and women and will occur to both of them equally. The only difference between this Vitiligo and other skin disorders are Vitiligo will not hurt in any type and is not harmful. It is also not contagious and will not spread to others if there are any skin contacts with the person who are having Vitiligo. It is also not a life threatening disorder.

77. How can Vitiligo be prevented?

There are no exact ways to prevent the effect of Vitiligo because the cause of it is also unknown. But apart from this Vitiligo is a disorder which is caused because of stress which are experienced in day to day life. If you try to reduce your stress which is experienced in your day to day life then the effect of Vitiligo will also be prevented. In this way Vitiligo can be prevented. It can also be prevented by not making your skin to be exposed to the sun light for more time.

78. How does Vitiligo cover lotion works?

Vitiligo cover lotion works by darkening the white patches to match the pigmented skin. In this lotion the DHA works with the cells which are present below the surface of the skin which have stopped producing the pigment of melanin. This in turn will make the skin to produce color because of the presence of the melanin pigment. There is no need to worry about the color as the pigments are derived from your own cells and so you will be getting the color as your normal skin.

79. How long will 6 oz of bottle last?

It depends on your weight and the height. The bottle lasts for 3 months if you are using it for your entire body. But if the lotion is applied in only particular areas other than the entire body then the bottle might last for more than many months. It depends only on the usage and also on the height and the weight of a particular person.

80. What makes Vitiligo cover different from other over the counter products?

Vitiligo cover is a product which is manufactured with 100 % natural items and is a product which is free from chemicals and this stands the first to differentiate it from other over the counter products. It also has about 8 % of DHA which is twice when compared to other products and is a product which is selected from nature’s most nutrient and vitamins like aloe vera, shea butter, rosehips oils, and walnut extract. These makes Vitiligo cover different from other over the counter products.

81. How will ayur health line help in treating Vitiligo?

Ayur health line works out by concentrating on the prime source of the Vitiligo. In this ayur health line patients with Vitiligo will be treated based on the ancient system of medicine. The patient will not only be treated for the disease but also with combinations of herbal products will be done. These herbal products will work on the root cause of the problem and so makes a fast relief of Vitiligo from the patient. Also in this ayurvedic treatment the immunity power of the patient will also be developed.

82. What is the mechanism of action and result of the herbal formulation?

After the treatment with the herbal formulations there will be squeezing or compression or shrinking of the white patches will be seen after some weeks. The skin becomes normal after some days and visible color of the skin will be noted. The skin will cover the white patches which will lead to the closing of the patches and as a result it will look like a normal skin. In some rare case the patches will initially be in pink color but later will turn to the original color as of the normal skin.

83. What are the restrictions during treatment?

There are two restrictions which are to be done. One is related to diet and the other is related to life style. In diet related restrictions foods like tamarind, curd, tomato, citrus fruits, oranges, lemon juice, and papaya should be avoided. Foods like spicy food, oil, and non vegetarian foods should be lowered and foods like soda bi carb, pickles, tinned foods or drinks, chocolates, and coffee can be taken and consumed. In lifestyle related restrictions tight fitting clothes, scratching, itching should be avoided as these may make the effect of Vitiligo worse.

84. Which parts of the body are affected?

There are some common parts in the body where Vitiligo will commonly occur and those parts will be more exposed to sun light. The common areas are hands, legs, face, lips, mouth, and arms. Less commonly affected areas are nose, eyes, armpits, genitals and around moles. White patches will be formed. Initially they will be small and will be irregular in shape. If left untreated it will start to spread to other parts of the body and so treatment is very much necessary for Vitiligo.

85. Can every white patch be that of Vitiligo?

It is not necessary that every white patch which is seen in the skin should be because of Vitiligo. It might also be some other causes which are already present from the birth and might be a birth mark too. It might be also because of chemicals and also because of post burns. The white patches which are occurred because of Vitiligo will be irregular in shape and everyone should know about the cause of Vitiligo so that it will be easy for everyone to differentiate and identify the Vitiligo.

86. What is the difference between the Vitiligo and the leprosy?

The conditions of Vitiligo and leprosy are entirely different. Leprosy is a type of infection which is caused by bacteria. In this infection the skin will have light colored patches and there will be loss of hair as well as sensation over the patches which are developed. But Vitiligo is a condition or a disorder in which the patient might develop loss of pigment and due to that there will be white patches developing on the skin. The loss of pigment is because of the absence of melanin in that particular area where the white patches has been developed.

87. is Vitiligo treatment effective?

No one can say anything about the treatment of Vitiligo. It is not a guaranteed method. The usage of steroids might give some relief as they can produce some improvements only if they are used for a longer period of time. But this is not recommended by many of the health experts because of the side effects which are associated with it. Apart from that light therapies which are done will be somewhat effective when compared to the other treatments. But the problem associated with it is that it has more risk in damaging the vision of eye. Skin grafting is also effective but comes up with many complications.

88. Is it true that Vitiligo can be cured without any medications or surgery?

Yes Vitiligo can be treated without the usage of medications as well as surgeries and can be treated only with the usage of herbal products. There has been many reports and papers published regarding this. There can also be an effective treatment done with only a little change which is made in the diet as well as in the life style. The diet which is followed should have foods which are high in vitamins and minerals. In this way Vitiligo can be cured naturally without the usage of any medications.

89. What are the types of Vitiligo?

The types of Vitiligo are trichrome Vitiligo and Vitiligo speckled. Trichrome Vitiligo is characterized by lesion which is in the form of a rosette in which the center area will be de pigmented and will be surrounded by the pigmented halo. Vitiligo speckled is characterized by pigmented areas which are centered on a pile and are small and which are surrounded by non pigmented skins. These are the types of Vitiligo.

90. How and where to apply vitiderm?

Vitiderm is a product which is manufactured in order to treat Vitiligo and this is product which should be applied twice a day that is morning and also on evening in the skin which should be dry and should be without rinsing. This is a product which can be applied to the entire body even to the genitals in order to prevent the spread of the Vitiligo to other parts of the body. This should be applied till the white patches goes off.

91. Is there a natural treatment options for Vitiligo?

Yes there are many natural treatment options for Vitiligo which are herbal treatments and ayurvedic treatments. There are also proofs where patients have cured because of these natural treatments. This treatment does not include any medications or surgery but only some restriction which are related to diet and life style. If these diet and life style restrictions are followed and done properly then there will be a definite cure for Vitiligo naturally.

92. What is herbs Vitiligo oil?

Herbs Vitiligo oil is the combination of many natural ingredients in it. This works effectively if the oil is applied in the affected areas that is in the areas where there are white patches seen. It should be applied for a week and there will be definite cure noticed. This is effective because the oil is made from 100 % natural herbs which are from the natural botanical garden. It is also manufactured with high watchful administration with the help of the qualified herbalists. By the application of this oil it will leave away the healthy skin and also improves the textures of the skin.

93. What are the ingredients used in the herbs Vitiligo oil?

The ingredients which are used in herbs Vitiligo oil are

  • Barberry root
  • Black cumin
  • Coconut oil
  • Psoralea corylifolia

These ingredients will be mixed together and will be blended nicely in order to make it as oil. Later this oil will be applied to the white patches in order to cure it naturally.

94. How to apply this Vitiligo oil and when to apply it?

This oil should be applied to the affected areas for twice a day and there should be one particular time followed for each and every day. The recommended time is probable at night and other is while going out and whenever you are about to be exposed to the sun light. The application should be continued for about 4 to 6 weeks and by doing so there will be definite change noticed in the change of the skin color. Also there are no side effects associated with this oil and so it is very much safe to be used.

95.  Is there any specific usage instruction for the Vitiligo oil?

Yes there is some instruction which should be followed while using this                 Vitiligo oil. This oil must be massaged in the affected areas for about 10 to 15 minutes and also should be applied for twice a day. Together it should be there in skin for about 6 hours. The better way is to apply it at night and you can wash it away after waking up in the morning. Also the application should stay in touch with the skin for about 3 hours.

96. What are the preventive measures which can be done to be safe from Vitiligo?

There are many ways to prevent the effect of Vitiligo which are avoid wearing tight fitting clothes which has more elastic in it because it might make a mark on the skin and further it might lead to Vitiligo. Also wear sun protective clothes whenever you are exposed more to the sum light. If you are not able to get the sun protective clothes then go for sun creams lotions which are available in almost all the markets. This sun cream lotion can be applied to the areas which are exposed to the sun in order to prevent you from Vitiligo.

97. Can Vitiligo be treated?

Vitiligo can be treated by many methods as there are many new technologies emerging for the purpose of curing Vitiligo. Methods like UVB rays, UVA rays, excimer laser, de pigmentation process and skin grafting are done in order to cure Vitiligo. Any one treatment works well for the patient. That should be identified and should be carried over. Other than these treatments there are also many other creams like topical creams, steroid creams and protopic creams available in the market in order to cure the Vitiligo. These creams should be used only after consulting the health experts.

98. Are the treatments needed to be done forever?

It depends on the type of Vitiligo which has been affected. Also it depends up on the skin of the person. Some treatments are done only for 4 to 6 months and after that there will be some changes seen in the effect of Vitiligo but some treatments will be carried over even for 2 years because of the recurrence of the Vitiligo effect in a patient. The treatment also varies from one person to the other and the treatment should be chosen only by the doctor.

99. How is Vitiligo detected?

Vitiligo can be detected only by the appearance of the whit patches on the skin which will be irregular in shape. Sometime these symptoms also resemble to some other conditions so diagnosing it at the right time is very much necessary. This is because the health experts will diagnose the problem and will confirm whether it is Vitiligo or some other conditions which are related to the skin disorders. There might also be a biopsy made in order to confirm with the problem.

100. Which is the best cream that can be used for Vitiligo?

There are many creams like protopic cream, steroid cream and sun cream lotions are available. Also some kind of gels and oils are available in the market for curing the Vitiligo. All the creams, oils and gels are effective in some way and everything can be used to cure the effect of Vitiligo. To know the best cream it is better to consult a doctor and use the creams which are suggested by them.

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