Homeopathic And Natural Treatments For Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a common skin defect that is caused by a lack of melanin. Melanin is said to be the pigment responsible for providing the normal color of our skin. Those who have a lot of this pigment are black and those with small amounts of this pigment belong to the white race. For instance, residents of countries close to the equator are dark-skinned because exposure to sunlight increases the amount of melanin on the skin. Vitiligo can be easily cured by many natural as well as medical methods. There are ways to camouflage or treat this disorder, and the various methods should be carefully studied.

Homeopathic Treatments For Vitiligo

Homeopathic treatment:

Homeopathy refers to ancient treatment methods that have been proven effective in treating melanin deficiency. Homeopathic treatments for any defect are done only after certain procedures. That is, the entire body condition of the patient is examined, along with allergic and other reactions to previous medications administered. Only after taking all these valuable notes can the treatment be started. The homeopathic treatment for vitiligo is prescribed only if it is guaranteed to deliver the desired effect in terms of cure.


Medications for vitiligo include some common drugs that are useful in increasing melanin pigmentation. Melanin is essential for reducing the symptoms of vitiligo. Melanin pigmentation can be increased by providing some initiators that can induce the manufacture of melanin pigments. Those drugs are also capable of improving treatments for the vitiligo immunity of the body. The immunity of a person is essential to reduce or keep away all defects, including skin disorders. Some immunity inhibitors are thus introduced as well to fight foreign particles.

Surgical methods:

Surgery for vitiligo cure is not a preferred method for every person. Normally, during surgery, the affected skin region with pale white patches are covered or replaced with skin patches taken from another region of the body. Laser treatments are considered to be effective in giving the white patches the desired normal color. Surgical methods may also include covering up the problematic areas. There are some methods in which the defect is left untreated but the symptoms are covered. Artificial cosmetics are applied over the white patches, thereby hiding them.

Ayurveda treatment:

Ayurveda has a cure for whatever disorder  you suffer from. The Ayurvedic method makes use of natural herbs to minimize the defects that occur as a result of vitiligo. Vitiligo treatment has to be done only under the guidance of a professional who is well trained in this particular treatment. Although it is a natural treatment method, it still has to be performed under the guidance of someone who has studied Ayurvedic medicine thoroughly, as the patient may get some side effects that can become more serious later on.

Home remedies:

Though there are many natural as well as medication methods available for vitiligo treatment, many doctors suggest home remedies. These substances may be present in the home and produce the least side effects. You can make use of a high-SPF sunscreen lotion, for instance, to prevent proliferation of the unsightly white patches. A proper healthy diet is also important for enhancing the skin tone and for keeping the skin cells healthy and supple.

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