6 Ayurvedic Medicines For Vitiligo Cure

One of the myths associated with vitiligo is that vitiligo cannot be treated. Actually, there is no vitiligo cure that can totally eradicate the condition, but there are ways to treat it by restoring the color of the skin. The best and most effective method to cure vitiligo is to maintain a healthy diet and to change a few lifestyle habits. Apart from these, vitiligo can also be treated the natural way and also with homeopathic remedies. Some alternatives for vitiligo cure are these mentioned below.

Ayurvedic Medicines For Vitiligo Cure

Ayurvedic medicines:

Ayurvedic medicines can be used to effectively manage vitiligo. It is an ancient Indian method used for almost all disorders and infections. When going for Ayurvedic treatment, the primary target will be the digestive tract. Sometimes, natural and herbal substances will be used or applied on the patches of the skin, and this is part of the treatment. This method will be very unusual when compared to other methods but highly recommended as it has been practiced for hundreds of years.

Ginkgo biloba:

This is a natural herb which can be used to cure vitiligo. This herb is highly favored because of its contribution to the repigmentation of the skin. It will repigment the skin quickly and effectively and so it is recommended by many doctors.

Psoralea seeds:

This is a type of natural remedy and is also a homemade remedy for vitiligo cure. This can also be added to certain medical treatments too. This psoralea seed must be combined with tamarind and should be soaked in water for 4 days and nights. Then it should be made into a paste by mashing it well. This paste is then placed on the affected areas of the skin. The application should be done for at least 30 days for repigmentation to be observed on those specific areas.

Radish seeds:

Another effective method for vitiligo cure is by using radish seeds. They are said to work by stimulating melanin regeneration. The only preparation that needs to be done is to add water to the seeds. They should be left as such until it becomes a paste. The paste is then applied onto the white patches for about 6 months before newly pigmented skin can be observed.


This is a type of Indian herb which can be used to cure many skin infections like vitiligo. This can be used both as natural and herbal medicine, and its mechanism is simply inducing the repigmentation of the skin.

Lemna minor:

Lemna minor is a type of home remedy which can be used for curing vitiligo. To use this, you have to crush or grind the lemna minor and mix it with honey. Drink two teaspoons of it twice a day. By doing so, the melanocytes will be replenished and will start to repigment the skin.

St. John’s wort:

This is also an herbal medicine widely used to cure vitiligo. This may be one of the safest herbs for vitiligo cure. To make use of it, the flowers and leaves of St. John’s wort should be boiled first and then crushed, and the juice extracted. The extract should be taken orally thrice a day after meals. The herbs can also be applied directly to the white patches of the skin.

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